Fun Linguistic Fact

Define: Drachenfutter

Drachenfutter: the peace offerings presented by guilty husbands to appease their wives.

This is one of many words that English has borrowed from another language – this time it’s German, and we haven’t given it back yet.

It directly translates to ‘dragon fodder,’ the implications here clearly indicating that the aforementioned wife is a tyrannical dragon whose rage can only be dampened by offerings of material worth.

Whilst going out to buy the flowers, the chocolates, the jewellery, etc., is all well and good, you could take the term a little differently. Instead of grovelling with an armful of Thornton’s Classics, present your beloved with a real life dragon – an ideal pet and handy lighter – and you may finally be forgiven.

Or just don’t forget the anniversary next time, either option is fine.



3 thoughts on “Fun Linguistic Fact

    1. You’re right, it is just stress and preoccupation with university work at the moment that has unfortunately made me stray from my blog. Thanks for noticing my absence, but I hope to rectify this soon! I hope you are also doing well 🙂

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  1. Glad to hear it’s just the studying but take care of yourself. Don’t feel guilty about taking time out. Just tell: yourself it’s an important part of getting things done. (Which it is, IMAO!) Everything is fine with me, or as someone from Derry once said to me, “Middling – worse than last week, better than next!” 🙂

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